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  • Registration Opens Jan 30, 2017
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The objective of this organization shall be to provide the youth in the community a safe, supervised competitive football and cheerleading program while promoting the ideals of sportsmanship, team spirit, honesty, loyalty and citizenship.

Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our club.



8th Grade Daytona Parents Meeting Date

by posted 05/08/2017
2017 FSW President Message

Dear Wildcat Football Families,


With the football season right around the corner I wanted to reach out to give you some clarification regarding our organization's participation in the River Valley Youth Football League for 2017. As many of you already know the RVYFL is requiring all organizations to be at either 4 or 8 teams this season. Based on our registration forecast, we will most likely field a total of 4 teams. The only way we can get to 8 teams is to have you spread the word, ask around, and help recruit families in your neighborhood. 


With that being said, we may have some larger sized teams at the Lightweight (9-10) and Junior Varsity (11-12) levels, due to those teams having two age groups (grades) feeding each team. In order ensure we provide all our kids quality playing time, we will join the River Valley’s Wednesday night league for our Lightweight and JV teams. Don't downplay this excellent opportunity for new and developing players to get quality playing time, increased visibility, and individual coaching.  Wednesday evening games will have referees and even playoffs.


We will also have our weekend games which will also have a 5th quarter available to all teams depending on our opponent’s roster size. The opportunity for your player to actually play increases with the RVYFL arrangement. 


If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to any of our Wildcat board members. We are also looking to boost the feeder Flag program, so if you see 6-7 yr olds in your neighborhoods, please ask the family to consider joining our wonderful program. 



Greg Kordas



Greg Kordas

Commercial Producer


708-532-7474 Ext. 248

708-532-7677 (fax)


by posted 03/23/2017
Wildcat Registration is OPEN!!!

Calling all WILDCATS that have not registered for 2017. 

by posted 02/11/2017
2017 FSW Registration OPENS 1/30/2017

Registration opens for all programs except 1st grade Cheer tonight 12:01 1/30/2017.

2017 Cheer documentation is listed in the 'documents' section of the website.

2017 Football Program FYI - 

For the 2017 season, River Valley has mandated that all programs in the league enter with 1 team at all levels until they prove they have numbers to support more than 1 team.  What’s important to note is this is a River Valley mandate that affects ALL teams in the league, not just the Frankfort Square Wildcats.  At the end of the day we may have the same team mix in 2017 as we had this past season, but we won’t know for sure until registration is complete.  League-wide numbers at the SLW and Varsity level are making it difficult for any program in the league to support more than 1 team.

Please don’t wait to register for the upcoming season.  If we are forced into 1 team, we may have no choice but to cap the roster size.  The way to guarantee your spot and be unaffected should this happen is to register early. 

Here are some other league rule changes for the 2017 season:

  • No kickoff at the SLW level.  This change was made due to the time it takes to organize the kids for kick and kick return.  The clock runs during this time and resulted in less offensive series.
  • No early weigh-in at any level for all games, including the playoffs.  All players must weigh in at their scheduled weigh in time only.
  • LW coaches will no longer be able to coach on the field.
  • Older lighters can only play ineligible positions on offense and cannot play on kickoff return.  However, they can play anywhere on defense, including punt return.  They will also be able to be on kick team.  In a nutshell, older lighters will no longer be able to handle the ball on offense and kick return.

by posted 01/29/2017
Thanks Coach Hiemer!!

What a legacy... Thanks Coach Bob Hiemer (left) for all you have done over the 17+ years leading this organization and the youth of the community.

by posted 10/02/2016
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